ViRx M.D. – A Novel Way to Fight a Novel Virus

Anxiety, depression, panic and PTSD are natural responses to catastrophic events.

When I realized that the world is coming to a stand-still from COVID-19, I naturally became concerned. I worried about my children, my grandchildren, my husband, my mother, my beloved friends and my dear patients. I feared for their health, safety and mental well being. I was afraid that I would not be able to protect them. When we are powerless against something, we fear the unknown. But soon, I realized by educating oneself and reclaiming control over a situation, we can battle the uncertainties that we face. I felt motivated to take action. I was inspired to use my background and experience to develop a novel way to combat the novel coronavirus.

Why do pandemics happen?

I decided to research past pandemics, such as the Spanish flu, Influenza, etc. I found that the likelihood of pandemics has increased because of increased globalization and changes in how humans interact with the environment. These trends will only grow and intensify with time and the threat will continue long after this pandemic ends. It is critical to continuously curtail any emerging outbreaks that might lead to pandemics. The simple most effective way to take individual responsibility for this is personal hygiene.

As a physician and scientist, I drew on both my professional experience and scientific sources to develop a unique solution.
What can we do to prevent the spread of this virus? We all know that soap and water are good hand sanitizers but we need an alternative solution when we do not have that readily available. Furthermore, soap and water will not help sanitize the environment around us outside our hands. That is why I developed my physician-formulated hand and air sanitizer. Centuries of globalization may not be easy to change overnight, but we can continue to function and succeed in this world with simple strategies for cleaning our environment effectively and efficiently.

With knowledge comes strength.


The most powerful hand and air sanitizer made of 75% ethyl alcohol and a propriety combination of essential oils that eliminates 99.9% of viruses and bacteria from the environment.

• Easy to carry, refillable air and hand sanitizer
• Spray on your hands
• Spray your masks, gloves, cell phones, keys, clothes
• Spray around to sanitize the air

VirX MD – the power of medicine, science, ethyl alcohol and essential oils

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Dr. Alina Stanciu, M.D., FAAO, FACS

Dr. Alina Stanciu, M.D., FAAO, FACS

President & Founder, MediFaceSpa

Dr Alina K Stanciu MD FAAO. FACS. is a Board Certified Eye Physician and Surgeon with over 20 years’ experience. During years at Queens College as a Pre-med and Chemistry major, she worked as a lab analyst for The J. Manheimer Company, a leader in the essential oil industry. There she learned the healing powers of essential oils. After graduating Summa Cum Laude, she received her Medical Degree at Stony Brook University. Always a visionary and gifted physician, she finished her Residency Program in Ophthalmology and a fellowship in Medical Retina. Her passion is healing people.

I am a physician who loves medicine, essential oils and cosmetics as an art and science.

I have a passion for healthy living and hope to contribute to your family’s health and wellness.

Together we can help make our environment a better world.